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If any of this sounds familiar, you need to use Almanack

Engaging, effective resources are difficult to find.
Differentiated resources tailored to my students’ needs take too long to create.
Curriculum documents, lesson plans and instructional materials are all scattered across different platforms.
Teachers Pay Teachers is great, but it can get expensive.
Insightful, personalized feedback on student reports takes too much time to write and edit.
I want to connect with my students and inspire them while still meeting curricular goals, but it’s just overwhelming to keep track of it all.

Find your calm in the storm

Yearly, unit and lesson planning tools to keep you organized.
Create differentiated plans and resources to meet your students where they are in their learning journey.
Customize educational resources and provide insightful feedback to students.


Made for teachers with teachers

Almanack leads the way for educators worldwide with its ever-expanding suite of generative AI resources that make a significant difference to school teachers and leaders. With constant deadlines, targets and documentation, Almanack provides a real-time reduction in the administrative burden of the job so that expert teachers can apply the time gained to what matters most - their students. I encourage all educators to explore the benefits of Almanack and suggest using it as a tool that complements their content and context knowledge.

Kirk Grinham
Secondary School Leader - Sydney, Australia

In over 20 years of teaching and navigating numerous educational technology tools, only a handful have truly revolutionized my efficiency and expanded my ability to connect with all students, regardless of their unique needs. Almanack is one such tool, not only easing administrative tasks and planning but also empowering me to extend personalized learning experiences and resources to reach every student effectively. Almanack has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to create an indispensable tool for every teacher’s toolkit.

Carla de Schneider, OCT
Elementary Teacher and Education Consultant - Ontario, Canada

I am incredibly grateful to have discovered Almanack, the revolutionary AI program that has transformed the way teachers in our school district plan and organize their content. As the Curriculum Coordinator for three school districts, I understand the importance of time management. Almanack has become an indispensable ally in maximizing teacher efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom. What sets Almanack apart is its technological prowess and its developers' genuine commitment to meet educators' unique needs.

Sharon Chasse, M.Ed.
Curriculum Coordinator for Valley Unified Educational Service Center - Maine, USA

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Increase student engagement, differentiate instruction, and personalize learning by tailoring resources to your students’ unique interests and needs.
Increase your well being
Save time, feel less overwhelmed and fight burnout without sacrificing the exceptional educational experience that only you can provide your students.
Fulfill your purpose
You thrive, your students thrive. Reclaim your time and mental space so that your creativity can flow, you can connect with your students, and make a meaningful impact on their lives. You can do it all without sacrificing it all.

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