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Create complete lesson plans with resources

Save time and enhance the quality of your resources using AI. Create differentiated resources with a few clicks!

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Report card comments at your fingertips

Our report card comment generator helps you create personalized, constructive, and relevant comments saving you a ton of time by crafting well-formed sentences automatically from your original thoughts.

Privacy first.
We never store any student PII or send it to LLMs. Any information used to generate comments is not used to train models.
Personalized comments.
In addition to the grade, teacher can provide anecdotes and next steps for each student, thereby personalizing the comment for each student.
Character limits.
Specify the maximum number of characters for each comment and Almanack will generate comments that fit within the limit.
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Almanack integrates with your favorite tools

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Educators worldwide are using Almanack to accelerate their students’ learning

Almanack leads the way for educators worldwide with its ever-expanding suite of generative AI resources that make a significant difference to school teachers and leaders. With constant deadlines, targets and documentation, Almanack provides a real-time reduction in the administrative burden of the job so that expert teachers can apply the time gained to what matters most - their students. I encourage all educators to explore the benefits of Almanack and suggest using it as a tool that complements their content and context knowledge.

Kirk Grinham
Secondary School Leader - Sydney, Australia

In over 20 years of teaching and navigating numerous educational technology tools, only a handful have truly revolutionized my efficiency and expanded my ability to connect with all students, regardless of their unique needs. Almanack is one such tool, not only easing administrative tasks and planning but also empowering me to extend personalized learning experiences and resources to reach every student effectively. Almanack has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to create an indispensable tool for every teacher’s toolkit.

Carla de Schneider, OCT
Elementary Teacher and Education Consultant - Ontario, Canada

I am incredibly grateful to have discovered Almanack, the revolutionary AI program that has transformed the way teachers in our school district plan and organize their content. As the Curriculum Coordinator for three school districts, I understand the importance of time management. Almanack has become an indispensable ally in maximizing teacher efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom. What sets Almanack apart is its technological prowess and its developers' genuine commitment to meet educators' unique needs.

Sharon Chasse, M.Ed.
Curriculum Coordinator for Valley Unified Educational Service Center - Maine, USA

Your one-stop shop for lesson plans and ready-to-go resources

With Almanack, we offer a powerful solution where you can create lesson plans and collate resources all in one place.

Long-range plans
Almanack’s long-range plans are designed to help you plan your year with ease. Use them at the beginning of the year to plan a full course
Lesson Planning
Create lesson plans and course materials with Almanack’s intuitive interface and AI recommendations. Save time and design dynamic lessons that cater to student needs.
Standards/Curriculum Alignment
Choose from 500+ state standards and international curriculums to created aligned lesson plans and resources.
Interactive Resources for Lessons
Get video recommendations and create interactive resources for your lessons such as slide decks, worksheets, and quizzes.

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